Alessandro Baschieri: "Why must All good things come to an end : / I just want to say that this was a culture exchange that I will defintly not forget especially you guys who made my 7 days in Romania A special one : ) hope we can remain in contact : )"

Ingrid Gonzales: I MISS YOU ! I would have liked staying longer.

Enruque Jimenez: I really miss you all...=(. I want to say thank you to all this wonderful people I met over there. And specially to romanian girls who took care and were so polite and friendly with all of us. Thank you for all, always in my heart

Sarka Kostalova: I miss Craiova, I miss all of you :(

Alger Leon Pradas: Thank you all for those wonderful days!!! It was my first youth exchange and it was awesome.. more than I expected!!! You all are welcome to Malaga or wherever!!! Noroc!!!

Adam Johanides: Heeeei! it was great time together with all of you! greetings from train to bucharest!:)